Cooper Union Pictures -- class of 1962

I'm digitizing my slides from my CU era.  There are still a lot more to do -- In 2012 I said "I'll put them up as they get done." They still are not done--maybe someday!  Also google somewhat reduces the resolution so pictures download faster.  If you want a full resolution file of any picture, let me know: Don (at)   (updated 2/8/2022)
Also included are albums of pictures from Bob Abbato; identified with his name.
I have set up direct links to the albums.  The links are below in more or less
chronological order and separated by general and Hiking Club pictures, click on a link (not on the picture) or else paste the link into your browser's URL space to go to each album's page.  Each album will open in a new tab, close that tab or click on the "CU Pictures" tab to get back to this page.

General Pictures (by date)

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Freshman Orientation Engineering Freshman Orientation; Green Camp, September 1958
Freshman Orientation Bob Abbato's Freshman Orientation Pictures
Green Camp Section 5 trip Green Camp Engineering Section 5 Trip; November 1958
Green Camp 59 Survey Camp; Green Camp, June 1959
Survey Camp Bob Abbato's Survey Camp Pictures
Feb 1960 2DEE Green Camp Trip, Feburary, 1960
March 25-27,1960 Turbine Turners, Bridge Builders, and Cohorts Green Camp Trip, March 25-27,1960
sketching walk, 1960 Sketching Walk, April 16,1960
Prof Wolf's Party, 1960 Prof Wolf's Party, May 1960
Freshman ORientation 1960 Engineering Freshman Orientation September 1960
miscl. pictures Bob Abbato's miscl. Pictures from school and all over (96 pictures)
Green Camp Dec.60 and Nov.61 Green Camp Trips Dec. 1960 & Nov. 1961
Green Camp 61-62 Green Camp trips:  Oct. 1961 (Jazz), Nov. 1961 (SLOS), Dec. 1961 (Country Club),  Feb. 1962 (Night Art)

CU Hiking Club Pictures

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Shelter Trips Cupsaw Shelter Trips, 1959-1960
Bull Mine 1959 Bull Mine, Nov. 22, 1959
Thanksgiving 1959 Thanksgiving Nov. 28,1959
Cupsaw 60-61 photos from Cupsaw Shelter trips 1960-62

Surprise Lake Surprise Lake Trip, January 29-31, 1960
pecks pond Pecks Pond Trip April 11-13, 1960

There are many, many, more pictures of trips. We'll get there eventually.
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